Hi!  I'm Raven Rajani......

I. Love. Dogs. In fact, I’ve loved dogs my entire life, and have been baking for them for more than twenty years! From the humble beginnings of a basic homemade milk bone recipe for my first dog, Maggie in 1990, I have created a wide variety of healthy treats for dogs – treats that you can feel really GOOD about giving!

I. Love. My. Dogs. I have four beautiful furkids who  bring great joy and 'color' to my life!  Gretta (11), is the oldest, and she serves as my silent shadow. Shakti will be (2) soon. She was orphaned and rescued from Arkansas. She serves as the Lucky Paws Bakery logo girl, GREETER and the CEO (Chief Eatiing Officer).  Shakti is a K-9 "old soul" and truly the beat my heart skipped. In May, I adopted an orphaned pit bull girl from Crossroads Dog Rescue, who I named Anu. She's full of energy,  loves to run and consistently keeps my sense of humor in check! In August, we added a little furboy to our pack - a French Bulldog who we named Hotei (which means happiness & contentment). Hotei is in charge of Quality Control....he needed a job!

I. Love. Good. Health. Why should the idea of health be limited to people? More and more, we’re discovering the importance of organics and a healthy lifestyle. Dogs not only deserve, but they NEED healthy treats that are designed to nourish and support their bodies. .Lucky Paws Bakery treats are made using local herbs and produce, free-range eggs, hormone and antibiotic free chicken and beef and wild-caught salmon which supports local farmers and sustainable agriculture. Each ingredient used is chosen not only for terrific taste, but with positive health benefits in mind. I use no sugar, salt, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, propyleneglycol, or artificial palatability enhancers, and each batch of treats is hand mixed, rolled and cut.

I. Love. Art. The Unique BARKtique wil feature fun, funky, one-of-a-kind dog related art from artisans from both near and far! Functional or not, you'll enjoy being emersed in the 'world of DOG' while in the BARKtique!


I. Love. To. Give. Back.  I believe in giving back and speaking up and out for those who have no voice. I believe in RESCUE and supporting the efforts that make life better for homeless animals locally, and from afar.   I encourage you to get involved with your local animal shelter or a rescue group  - it's good DOGma!

I'd. Love. To. Meet .You. I hope you'll stop by Lucky Paws Bakery and Unique BARKtique and paws for a moment! :)